Objectives and Opportunities


Project Objectives:

Why should people attend?

Who should attend?

  • Extensive cross-community networking,
  • Opportunity to create projects and build financing,
  • Share ideas and be creative ,
  • Transform social innovation into market opportunities,
  • Business Opportunities for Communities Involved.
  • Producers, filmmakers, screenplay writers and other creative people,
  • Advertising agencies and advertisers,
  • Broadcasters, TV networks, internet service providers, vendors/equipment providers, other TV representatives,
  • R&D communities and clusters,
  • Regulatory authorities and professional federations,
  •   User group representatives,
  • Investors, financial experts, venture capitalists,
  • Think tank representatives and opinion leaders,

Business Opportunities for Communities Involved

For Users: :

• The chance to be recognised.

• The ability to see artistic and creative aspects involved in meeting their needs.

For Stakeholders :

• The ability to access the content community.

• Develop e-Accessibility within the content production chain.

• Gain high visibility.

• Reduce time to market.

• Receive feedback from professional users of e-Accessibility.

For the Content and Creative Community:

• Discuss and learn state-of-the art developments, technological challenges and opportunities. .

• Generate specific user experiences through dedicated programs.

• Gain high visibility through social engagement and new tools to utilise..

• Reduce the cost of meeting legal requirements by planning ahead instead of dealing with legalities afterwards.

• Finding new finance avenues by incorporating e-Inclusion techniques.

For Clusters, Public Bodies, European Project Managers, and Others:

•  Promote high quality debates among concerned players.

• Bring different communities together and allowing through working relationships.

• Promote networking and collaboration between players and other business participants.

• Create a dialogue of ongoing projects with similar e-Accessible interest.