The white paper media4D

“The four screens in the smart city”

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The media4D white paper was published on january 2015, It encloses a cycle of five think tank around the digital accessibility problem and which were under Holken Consultants & Partners coordination. It resulted from the work of media4D partners and digital accessibility experts.

Through this white paper, the value chain actors make a synthesis of the reflections which concerned the problem of the accessibility to the digital contents and draw up the state of the art regarding the accessibility of the 4 screens.
This white paper is a reference both for the public authorities and for the actors and structures taking part in the accessibility and the digital areas.

During the think tank debates, was born the idea to set a multi-accessibility and multi-devices concept which no service had touched ever. Thus, a proposal entitled research media4Dplayer, a universally accessible player was submitted and held within the Framework of the call for projects of the FUI 18.

Extended in the Framework of media4D, this project is at the same time of professionnal and social innovation. Then some partners media4Dplayer are also active members of the Platform media4D. This is the way media4D becomes a Platform of spreading for thi research and development project and

Download the white paper here