The white paper media4D

“The four screens in the smart city”

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The media4D white paper was published on january 2015, It encloses a cycle of five think tank around the digital accessibility problem and which were under Holken Consultants & Partners coordination. It resulted from the work of media4D partners and digital accessibility experts.

Through this white paper, the value chain actors make a synthesis of the reflections which concerned the problem of the accessibility to the digital contents and draw up the state of the art regarding the accessibility of the 4 screens.Lire la suite The white paper media4D


A song “signed” by Découfflé

Mr Découfflé is a dancer and a comtempory dance choreographer. His video is one of our favorites, because there is some creative performance involved. In fact Mr Philippe Découfflé has interpreted a song of the famous actor and french humorist Bourvil, integrating an accessibility form (signs language) into the content production process.