“The media player accessible to all”

Media4Dplayer is an actual outcome of  media4D in practice, Platform of social innovation concerning the accessibility and the media.

Besides, media4Dplayer is a brand founded by Holken Consultants & Partners. In the Framework of the projects of Le Grand Paris, media4Dplayer was given a public-private partnership (2012 to 2014), and at that time the partners found out the need to develop a multi-accessible, multi-stream and multi-support player.

Within the framework of the project media4Dplayer, Holken Consultants and Partners works as subcontractor for the academic laboratories CHArt of the University Paris 8 and Artemis of the Institute Mines Telecoms. It  intervenes in the following activities:

  • scattering, Advisory Board and the exploitation(operation),
  • implementation of focus groups and users tests. The installation of larger-scale tests is planned on the territory the Parisian North in the urban area(conglomeration) of Plain Municipality(Commune).

Holken Consultants is a company specialized in the advice and the studies in strategic marketing, in particular in the changing within the cultural industries, and the launch on the market of the innovation